Monday, September 14, 2009

New Obsession

I recently have become obsessed with photography (probably because of my photo mission...) so every night I have taken to staring longingly at several cameras online. I totally want one of these Blackbird Twin Lens Reflex cameras!! It is based on a camera that came about in the 20's, I love old photography and this light plastic camera can give you that look. The only problem is that it takes film, so not only do you have to pay for that but not many places develop film anymore :( 

I also want a regular digital camera! But not one of those cheep, little digital cameras that every high school girl uses to take 
her facebook photos with. I want an awesome camera that is going to take good quality, professional looking pictures! But just wanting all of these things is not good enough, you have to have money to buy them and that I do not have! So if any of you out there in "cyberspace" have some extra money lying around (does anyone have that anymore?) and you are feeling generous, I WANT A CAMERA! Thank you! :D  

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