Sunday, September 13, 2009

Movies, Movies, Movies!

So last night I watched the movie Gigantic starring Paul Dano and Zooey Deschanel, two people I absolutely love! There is also a random and hilarious appearance by John Goodman who plays the father of Deschanel. Basically the movie is about Brain who works at a mattress store in NYC and is in the process of adopting a baby from China. But then he meets Harriet aka Happy and falls in love, I suppose. We follow Brian through out his journey; we meet his family which includes is shroom doing father, his friend who works in a laboratory studying depression in rats all day and we see a sketchy guy randomly following Brian who beats the shit out of him a couple of times (well until Brian stabs him and kills him....) The Pros of this movie are the characters and Paul Dano's face of course. The Cons are: a spotty story line and an abrupt ending. But then again it is an indie film so what do you expect? It also has a lot more swearing in it than I thought.... I would recommend this movie to anymore that likes Paul Dano and can enjoy a good indie film. 

I give it a B+ 

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